Google MyTracks drops support for third party access

Update: The latest version of PebbleMyTracks, that checked the correct MyTracks version, and initiated the installation of the correct version is abandoned from the Play store. In the mean time, PebbleMyTracks is available for download from Dropbox.

The last update of Google MyTracks dropped support for third party access, and instead of that added support for Google Wear devices. Also Google is planning to remove the source code of MyTracks from the repository. This is, politely speaking, an unpleasant event.

From a commercial perspective, I can understand the decision of Google: stimulate the  acceptance of the Google Wear platform, by blocking all paths to may lead to other alternatives.

It is my opinion that it is much better to take a more positive decision: Put your effort in creating the best platform for wearable apps, instead of this negative choice. This decision only stimulates developers and users to turn their back on the Android platform.

As the developer of PebbleMyTracks. I’ll do my best to get a workaround for this ‘inconvenience’ as soon as possible. Therefore I created a version of the app, that checked for the correct version of MyTracks, and if needed, initiated a downgrade so that all requirements were met.

Unfortunately, this version was abandoned by Google from the Play store because the app uninstalled/installed other apps (which is true). So the app is not available from the Play store for the moment. While I’m working on a new version (without the uninstallation) the latest version can be download from dropbox.


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