Saying goodbye Pebble style

The two primary schools in our little village are getting too small, and so both schools are joining forces and start a new school the next school season. The birth of a new school also means end-of-life for the two primary schools. A sad moment, which I wanted to give some attention by honouring the nice art work that was used by one of the schools ‘De Molshoop’  (The Molehill). The drawings, which were used to lighten up the school newspaper, feature a curious little mole, that’s always busy doing something (reading, walking, etc.).

My way to say goodbye was to write a dedicated watchface for the Pebble smartwatch, that randomly displays a mole while counting down to the end. To get an idea of what it looks like, a screenshot of the watchapp


The source code is available on github (link), and the watchface can be downloaded from the Pebble appstore (link).



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