Pebble My Tracks

The killer-app for the smartwatch has arrived!

This post is to announce the release of Pebble My Tracks, a watchapp for the Pebble smartwatch that puts Google MyTracks right on your wrist. The watchapp consists of a Pebble watchapp (of course), and an Android companion app which can be downloaded from the google play store (here) and from the Pebble appstore (here).

Cover artWith this app you can start/stop/pause/resume a MyTracks recording while keeping your smartphone safely tucked in your pocket (or ziploc during rain), and you can configure what parameters (speed, distance, heartrate, and much, much, more) are displayed on the Pebble.

Screenshot of the configuration screen of the companion app. Here you can choose which parameter is displayed on the Pebble.

This app is the successor and evolved version of the Pebble MyTracks app that was developed earlier this year and documented on this blog. Please note that this watchapp only works on a Pebble with firmware 2.X installed. At this time of writing this firmware is in beta. I expect (and hope) the 2.X firmware will be released very soon. At that moment I’ll plan to remove the Beta phase of this app as well.

Constructive feedback on errors, enhancements (for example missing parameters) or photos from the app in action (see below) are very welcome. Please send a mail to

2014-02-23 12.38.28
Here’s a nice screenshot (thanks Patrick) of the watchapp in action. The upper number is not speed. It’s heart rate.