In my previous post I described an android app for connecting google MyTracks to the Pebble smartwatch. After several days of testing some bugs are removed and features are added.

Here is a demonstration video of the app is available.

Refactoring and code cleanup

  • Added configuration screen (miles/km, update frequency)

Download the APK:

Some hints to get it working

  • Enable sharing in MyTracks (in MyTracks, select settings, sharing and enable allow access)
  • Uninstall any previous version of MyPebbleTracks

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  1. This is rad. I created a Run keeper account just for this functionality but definitely prefer MyTracks so this rocks. Thanks. Also, any chance this will be released to Google Play anytime soon?

  2. This is excellent, thanks. I’m going to try it out hiking this weekend. I really wish we could see the actual time on the same screen (elevation would be nice too), but I assume you’d have to write a custom watch face to do that.

  3. Is there a source for this edition? Is there an option to start/stop the recording from your watch? I tried to do this but could not get it to work :(.

  4. What do you plan to do with your code? You didn’t publish the source code anymore in your update. If you have no commercial interest, perhaps push your source to a code repo to allow others to contribute. Just a thought…

  5. Great work. Hope you will manage to release this on Google Play. The “X” sign instead of comma in screen with km is most likely a Pebble bug, not yours I assume.

    1. This X is caused by the locality settings of the Phone. A comma (or was it a dot) is not included in the selection of the fontset on the Pebble. Solution to this problem is trivial by forcing the Locale settings in the PebbleMyTracks app. I’ll make an update on github.

  6. Great app! Been using it on my nexus4 and loving it! just upgraded to a nexus 5 and after a reinstall it seems the display no longer updates on the watch. Could this be a glitch with the update to kitkat?

  7. Hello
    I don’t know how to compile, when you will make a new release with all new things, that you programmed?
    I their a way to change the pace to velocity?

  8. Hi Pieter – I’ve just got a Pebble and upgraded to the v2 firmware : do you have any plans to migrate this to the new release? It would be great to be able to use MyTracks (which is a great phone app) with the watch.

  9. Nice work! I like My Track better than most of the other tracking apps. One problem I noticed with the the Miles and Minutes are reversed on the Pebble display.

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